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Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule: Testimonial

Case 1

Zhang Haidi, aged 41 in 2003, 6 years history with prostatitis. Main symptoms include frequent micturition, urination urgency, perineum pain, abdomen distention, white blood cell count (+++), Lecithine lipophore 20% – 40%. He took Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule for 2 months and all symptoms disappeared. Medical reports showed normal prostate function.

Case 2

Herbal doctorZhang Feng, aged 80 in 2004. Urination furcation and urination difficulty for 5 years, prostate hyperplasia at 77×65×99mm, which presses against rectum and urinary canal and makes defecation and urination very hard work to be done everyday. Medical reports showed high and middle differentiated prostate cancer. He first refused the surgery suggestion and also did not receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He first bought one medicine and continued to take it till the dimension of prostate gland shrinked to 32×22×33. But he still had to face the urination and defecation everyday even there gained significant improvement. He discontinued the medicine and began to take Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule in March 2005. After taking the medicine for 7 days the urination difficulty improved a lot but the defecation difficulty persisted. One month later he can clip up evacuating catheter for 5 hours before going to the bathroom for a relief, with no burning sensation. 22 days later he pulled out the evacuating catheter under assistance by doctor. Urination and defecation difficulties disappeared.

Case 3.

Wang Tailian, aged 34, 8-year history with prostatitis. He was once upon the antibiotics treatment due to the sexual-transmitted disease and chronic prostatitis got diagnosed after confinement of the venereal disease. It was bacterial prostatitis. He tried almost every kind of medicine in the market available for treating prostatitis but failed to gain any actual progress. Diagnosis result: Lecithine lipophore 45%, white blood cell count (WBC) +++, red blood cell count (RBC) 5. Prickling pain with prostate gland area, red urethal orifice, white secretion, impotence. From January 2, 2006 he began to take Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule. One month later he got significant improvement such as less urination frequency, moderate pain at prostate area. He persisted in taking the medicine for another 1 month and a half before gaining a fully recovery.

Case 4

Dong Tao, aged 47 in 2002, had prostate hyperplasia for 4 years. Main symptom includes frequent urination, urination urgency, abdominal distension, odynuria, painful with interior of thigh. From November 18, 2002 he began the treatment by using Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule. 12 days later he felt improvement on frequent urination and urination urgency. Continuation of treatment for 7 weeks in succession brought a complete recovery.

Case 5

Yang Wuxue, a English teacher in a senior high school in Kunming, Yunnan Province, aged 45, had prostatitis for 3 years. Burning sensation of urination, hidden pain with lower abdomen, frequent micturition, urination urgency, recurrence under the Western medicine treatment. From September 21, 2005 he placed an order to Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule and felt well after taking the granule for 5 days. He continued the treatment for another one month till only the burning sensation persisted. He persisted in taking the medicine for another month before all symptoms disappeared.

Case 6

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> > comments: My Brother have used your herbal medicine and the result was excellent. So I though you can give the address of a reputable chinese clinic similar to yours that treat Hiatal hernia

Case 7

> Hi my symptoms such as burning in perenium have started to decrease snd
> become less frequent. I am taking the medicine for almost 2 months. Would
> it be safe to take the medicine for 3 months?
> > On May 3, 2012, at 10:24 PM, wrote:

Case 8

Hi, I want to order more supply of Hardness-Dissipation Powder cause it is very powerful in reating my urination difficulty, a problem tormenting me for around 6 years. I want to take this medicine alone rather than taking another medicine called Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule. Do you think it is ok? So, please provide me with such info as the price for the medicine alone as well as the dosage when it is used alone. Thanks in advance!

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